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Guaranteed lifelong income for webmasters!

While you are having a rest, your site brings you profit again and again!

Welcome to the partnership program OriginClub. Our company was founded in 1999 and since that time we have been working successfully in the International dating sphere.

OriginClub offers to it's clients such popular services of high quality as Live Video Chat, video presentations review, correspondence through the site, gifts and flowers' delivery.

If you have the site of high quality with a good traffic, you can start making good money right now. We will give you 20% from all your clients' payments on our sites. Moreover it does not matter what site your clients are registered on, it is your clients and while they are using our services, you get your money!

As well you can join other successful webmasters to our partnership program OriginClub and you will get 15% from their clients' every payment!

Why should I join to partnership program OriginClub?

Our services are very popular. And after having used these services once, our clients use them for long. At the same time you get a profit (%).

What should I do for that?

To start with, you should register, then enter the site using your login and password. After that you will get a unique html code that you will need to post on your site.

OriginClub Affiliate program

Bingo! Now your site is working for you even when you are sleeping or having a rest!

How will you pay to me?

Your clients' payments are at once reflected in your online statistics. You always know when and what payment your client made. After you have $50 on your account, we will transfer your income by any method you choose. We transfer money after the 15th of next month.

If you still have questions, please write to us and we will gladly answer you.

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